Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 162 cm (5'4")
Blood Type A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Birthdate October 1
Biographical Information
Hobbies Chess
Favourite Food Sauerkraut
Disliked Food Japanese food
Favourite Subject German history
Weak Subject None
Character Voice

Hiromi Igarashi

Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg, more commonly known as Mi, is one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. She is the deputy-captain of the Admiral Graf Spee. During her stay at the Harekaze, she served as tactical adviser to the bridge.

Appearance Edit

Wilhelmina is a pretty light-skinned young girl with light blonde hair that has one section braided with pieces of hair hanging on the right and blue eyes. She can be seen wearing the black Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School uniform for officers, as opposed to those worn by crew members.

Personality Edit

Wilhemina can be a hot-tempered girl at times, but deep-down she can be caring. As an excelling student from a marine school in Germany, she straightens the Harekaze crew up to become more effective in battle.

She has a habit of using the word "washi" to refer to her in the first person, much to the Harekaze's crew humor. She learned this from watching Japanese gangster movies, an interest she shared with Kouko Nosa, the Harekaze's secretary. Together, they would even speak lines from the movies while maintaining the speaker's character.

History Edit

With the Harekaze Edit

Wilhelmina was rescued by Akeno Misaki after her speed craft was obliterated by the Admiral Graf Spee's secondary guns, which had gone rogue due to the RaTt virus.

During the Harekaze's standoff with the submarine I-201, she was awakened by a torpedo explosion that rocked the ship. Fuming, she raced to the bridge and demanded to see the captain, to which she pointed out the mistakes the "collection of amateurs" made in the middle of the fight such as leaving the lights on in nighttime warfare.

Through her advice, the Harekaze managed to disable the I-201 and get away. In return for her help with the I-201, Akeno promised to help Wilhelmina and save the Graf Spee.

Homecoming Edit

Soon, the Harekaze and Graf Spee met in naval combat. As the Harekaze drew fire, a raiding party that included Wilhelmina raced for the Graf Spee undetected. She led the party to the bridge, curing infected students along the way.

Wilhelmina came face-to-face with the captain and good friend Thea Kreutzer, who attacked her to no avail. Unable to hurt her friend, Wilhelmina simply embraced her long enough for Minami Kaburagi to administer the antibody. After the incident, the crews of both the Harekaze and Graf Spee became good friends.

She left with the Graf Spee, much to Kouko Nosa's dismay. But after seeing Kouko at the last minute, Wilhelmina vowed to go on a trip to see her again.

The Finest Hour Edit

Wilhelmina returned with the Graf Spee to aid the Harekaze in its last fight against the Musashi as part of a surface action group led by Instructor Furushou. The group drew the Musashi's fire from the Harekaze, allowing the destroyer to safely close the distance and board the infected ship and save its crew.

Trivia Edit

  • Not only does Wilhelmina have a long name (too long according to Akeno), it's also an odd collection of sorts, mostly maritime-related.
    • Braunschweig (Brunswick in English) is a city in the state of Lower Saxony, a region that borders the North Sea.
    • Friedeburg may be derived from Freiburg, a town along the Elbe River at the state border between Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein (not to be confused with Freiburg in the state of Hesse or Freiburg in the Black Forest).
    • Friedeburg can also refer to Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, the last commander of the Kriegsmarine who represented the German armed forces during the instrument of surrender on May 7 at Relms and May 8 in Berlin.
    • Ingenohl alludes to Admiral Gustav Heinrich Ernst Friedrich von Ingenohl, who commanded the German High Seas fleet during World War I.
  • Her school, Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School, is named after Wilhelmshaven, a port city and naval base also in Lower Saxony. The Admiral Graf Spee was launched from this port, more accurately the Wilhelmshaven Imperial Shipyard, in 1933.