The Shinbashi is a shopping mall vessel that ran aground near Falalop Island and sank a few hours later. The Harekaze, and eventually a Blue Mermaids Rapid Response Security force, rescued all 552 passengers and crew, including one kitten.

Description Edit

As a shopping mall vessel, the Shinbashi is comprised of dozens of compartments. Shops and restaurants make up the first three floors, within the hull, while residential quarters make up the fourth floor near the bridge.

At the time of the disaster, the Shinbashi is estimated to be tilted at 40 degrees to port. The Harekaze's divers also reported a 120-meter crack along the fourth compartment. Everything forward of the third compartment is flooded.

History Edit

While sailing in the vicinity, the Harekaze picked up a distress signal from the Shinbashi. Its captain reported that the ship was tilting port side severly and taking in water. Also, ten people were reported to be minorly injured.

The Harekaze raced to the scene. Akeno volunteered to lead the rescue on site, but after being scolded by Mashiro for abandoning her post one too many times, she let her deputy-captain lead the ten-man squad.

As the rescue went underway, a couple informed Mashiro about a certain Tamonmaru missing. Believing it to be a child, Mashiro and Wilhelmina conducted a search in the Shinbashi's stern. Mashiro found Tamonmaru, which turned out to be a kitten, much to her surprise.

Suddenly, the walls of the ship began buckling as the Shinbashi split in two. Mashiro, separated from Wilhelmina who later returned with the rescue team, grabbed Tamonmaru and looked for a way out. A Blue Mermaids Rapid Response Security force soon arrived to rescue the two, which were now trapped in the ship's ventilation.

Trivia Edit

  • Although not stated, some fans pointed out that the Shinbashi looks like a modified Liberty ship. These were merchant ships made by the U.S. during World War II to supply the U.K. and their allies in their fight against Nazi Germany. To this day, only two of these ships are still operational: the SS John W. Brown and SS Jeremiah O'Brien.