Shima Tateishi
Tateishi Shima infobox
Kanji 立石 志摩
Romaji Tateishi Shima
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 147 cm
Blood Type A
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver
Birthdate August 5
Biographical Information
Hobbies Watching sports
Daily Routine Soburi (swing practice)
Favourite Food Curry chicken saute
Disliked Food Porridge
Rice Porridge
Favourite Subject Physical education
Weak Subject Science
Image Color Orange
Character Voice

Nozomi Furuki

Shima Tateishi is the Chief Artillery Officer of the Harekaze and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Tama-chan.


Tama is a girl of few words, often saying "Aye" or "Oui" and nothing more. However, drag her into a fight with the deadliest ships in the high seas and she becomes deadly accurate in her firing solutions. At one point, she hit the Musashi's lead salvo with that of the Harekaze's 10 cm cannons. This however is surprising as the crew members on the Harekaze were meant to the least skilled group out of the new batch of Yokosuka School new students

She considers Chief Torpedo Officer Mei Irizaki to be her best friend, hanging out with her even when she was confined for her unchecked aggression, due to the RATt infection, against the supply ships. Together, they form the MeiTama duo. Even after the events of the RaTt, disease, she was seen hanging out with Mei in town.

History Edit

As the Chief Artillery Officer, Tama directs effective fire to the firing command post. This ability of hers only gets deadlier as the Harekaze received further upgrades, namely in its main guns.

While waiting for Akeno and the others to return with toilet paper, Tama came across a rodent carrying a strange virus. Minutes after contact, the soft-spoken Tama is fueled with nothing but rage for the enemy. When the fleet of supply ships boxed in the Harekaze, she manned one of the anti-air guns and opened fire. Upon running out of ammo, Wilhelmina hurled her into the ocean. Tama was swept back by choppy waters, back to her quiet self again.

Following the incident, Tama was interviewed by Inspector Hiraga and her team. She told them that she remembered firing on the supply ships but couldn't recall why. Akeno and Mei encouraged her by promising to be by her side to explain the incident to the school.

Trivia Edit

  • Tama's soft-spoken attitude is somewhat shared with the light cruiser Tama from Kantai Collection.
  • In the OVA, it's revealed that Tama isn't good at shogi, even when aided by a shogi manual.
  • Ironically the only time where she spoke up was when she was infected by the RaTt virius.