Suruga Runa
Suruga Runa infobox
Kanji 駿河留奈
Romaji Suruga Runa
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Violet
Birthdate December 14
Biographical Information
Hobbies Mahjong
Favourite Food Okonomiyaki
Disliked Food Nameko
Favourite Subject Science (Physical)
Weak Subject National language
Character Voice

Ozawa Ari

Suruga Runa is one of the characters of Hai-Furi. She is 152 centimeters tall, and she was born on December 14 (astrological sign Sagittarius) with blood type AB. Her nickname is Runa-chan.


Runa is one of the 4 girls who likes to play card and talk rumors. She is a fool-ish type person. Her favourite word is "spring summer fall winter"