Mayumi Uchida
Uchida Mayumi infobox
Kanji 内田 まゆみ
Romaji Uchida Mayumi
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 158cm
Blood Type B
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Birthdate December 6
Biographical Information
Hobbies Judo
Favourite Food Tuna sushi
Disliked Food Barley rice
Favourite Subject Political science
Weak Subject Physics
Origin Namegata, Ibaraki Prefecture
Character Voice

Emi Miyajima

Mayumi Uchida is the Harekaze's starboard navigation controller and one of the characters of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Mayu-chan.

Her favorite saying is: “Make a fortune at a single stroke.”

Appearance Edit

Mayumi wears the school uniform but with a longer skirt, around knee level. She has a darker skin tone than most crew members, which was a result of getting sunburned at one point. She has purple eyes and maintains a braid, tied by a blue-green bow, on her left side.

Personality Edit

As the eyes of the Harekaze on its starboard, Mayumi knows how to remain calm, even in a pitched battle.

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, her name means "true bow." Owing to her calm personality, it takes on the Filipino meaning for "gentle."