Maron Yanagiwara
Yanagiwara Maron infobox
Kanji 柳原 麻侖
Romaji Yanagiwara Maron
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 146 cm
Blood Type A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Orange
Birthdate August 8
Biographical Information
Daily Routine Fishing
Favourite Food Yakiniku
Disliked Food Sashimi
Weak Subject English language
Origin Choshi, Chiba Prefecture
Character Voice

Natsumi Takamori

Maron Yanagiwara is the chief engineer aboard the Harekaze and one of the characters of Hai-Furi.


Maron likes to live her life with a dash of, if not too much, eccentricity. She loves palanquins and festivals as much as any "true Tokyoite."

She also gets mad easily, especially when being forced to push the Harekaze's unstable engine to its limits for a long period of time in maneuvering battles. When given time to take a breather, she chooses to stay in the engine room instead of getting some sun which matches her role as Chief Engineer.

History Edit

During middle school, Maron and Kuroki became good friends. They were glad to know that they were going to be on the same ship.

Over the course of the series, Maron treated the Harekaze like her child, especially the engine. More often than not, Akeno succeeds earning Maron's ire when the former asks to go at full speed. Nevertheless, she knows when she had to do it for the sake of her classmates.

As the Harekaze underwent repairs and resupply after its second and final battle with the Graf Spee, Maron insisted on holding an Equator Festival to celebrate the Harekaze crossing the equator. Although initially bummed out because of the lack of enthusiasm from her classmates, Hime's palanquin project rekindled the festive fire in her.

During the festival, she took the time to have a heart-to-heart with Kuroki. Maron thought she would lose a friend, given that Kuroki had been stuck on Mashiro ever since coming aboard. Maron was thankful to Kuroki for looking for her when she was down.

After the battle with the Musashi, the Harekaze delivered the crew back to Yokosuka safely. Only when the last person had walked down the plank did the ship begin succumbing to its battle damage and sinking. Maron tried going back to save the Harekaze, only to be restrained by Kuroki.