Maidens in a Pinch! (乙女のピンチ! Romaji: "Otome no Pinchi!") is the fourth episode of Hai-Furi.

Upon realizing that the Harekaze has run out of toilet paper, Akeno and a few others stop by an ocean mall to pick up some. Little do they know that the Blue Mermaids are on their tail.

Episode Summary Edit

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Momo and Hime had the unfortunate job of breaking the bad news to the crew of the Harekaze.

"We're All Out!" Edit

Momo Aoki and Hime Wazumi from damage control broke the bad news to the crew of the Harekaze. The ship was all out of toilet paper, which sent the rest of the girls in an uproar. The 250 rolls provided to the Harekaze was supposed to last for the duration of the nautical training, which was two weeks. The ship was still two days away from Yokosuka at the fastest possible speed.


The Harekaze crew sees a rodent. Isoroku sees DINNER.

Mei suggested going shopping. Perchance, the Harekaze was close to Ocean Mall Shikoku Branch, a floating shopping center. As an alert for the Harekaze was still out in the area, Akeno assembled a group of four, including herself, to go pick up some toilet paper, despite the limited funds.

The crew left on the Harekaze, meanwhile, went about their routine. Ritsuko Matsunaga and Kayoko Himeji, the ship's torpedo tube operators, began picking up drifting containers in hopes of scoring some toilet paper. They came across a box from Abyss, a mail-order service, and opened it, only for a rodent to suddenly jump out. Isoroku spotted the rodent and a chase ensued.

You're Under Arrest? Edit

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As if the toilet paper crisis wasn't bad enough, Akeno and the others just had to run into trouble.

Owing to her extreme luck, Akeno won a year's supply of toilet paper in the lottery. The group brought as much as they could back to the skippers when they encountered a group of Blue Mermaids, who identified Akeno's group as the crew of the Harekaze. They tried to flee but were detained.

Meanwhile, Isoroku brought the rodent to the bridge. A fascinated Tama cuddled the rodent.

As the seas grew choppier, the Harekaze received an unexpected greeting from the supply ships Akashi and Mamiya, escorted by two Kagerou-class destroyers. The ships boxed the Harekaze in, rendering them unable to escape. Worse, the crew saw the Harekaze's skippers returning with a Blue Mermaid patrol boat on their tail.

Anger Mismanagement Edit

Suddenly, the crew on the bridge were shocked to hear an enraged Tama demanding that they attack. This came from a girl who is normally soft-spoken, if not quiet, even in the middle of the battle.

When the crew tried restraining her, she broke free and headed to one of the 25 mm anti-air guns, shooting at the supply ships until running out of ammo. Wilhelmina caught up with Tama and threw her into the ocean, much to her regret. Fortunately, Tama was swept back aboard by choppy waters.
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With glowing red eyes, Tama rained lead on the supply ships.

After the incident, Akeno cleared the misconception, as the supply ships were sent by Principal Munetani to repair and resupply the Harekaze. The Blue Mermaid officer who "detained" her earlier, Inspector Second Class Hiraga, informed them about the brewing incident. The Safety Oversight Office, under Mashiro's sister Mashimo, believed that in the Harekaze's innocence, even challenging the opinion of its parent agency, the Maritime Support Safety Department.

The rodent was placed under Minami's custody, where she would investigate it. She pointed out that it was neither a hamster nor a rat.

As the supply ships began work on the Harekaze, the fog of war out at sea revealed a floating fortress of guns and steel...with the designation number Y-118.

Trivia Edit

  • The Abyss logo appears like a reversed version of the Lockheed Martin logo.