Machiko Noma
Noma Machiko infobox
Kanji 野間 マチコ
Romaji Noma Machiko
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Blood Type O
Hair Color Green
Birthdate July 19
Biographical Information
Hobbies Astronomical observation
Daily Routine Look at the night sky
Take a nap
Favourite Food Blueberries
Disliked Food Chestnut
Favourite Subject Science (astronomy)
Weak Subject National language
Character Voice

Yuu Kobayashi

Machiko Noma is the lookout for the Harekaze on the crow's nest and one of the main characters of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Macchi.


As the lookout, Machiko is blessed with extraordinary eyesight, which allows her to see contacts from miles away. However, she suffers from hyperopia or farsightedness, hence the need to wear glasses. In some occasions, she takes off her glasses to see things up close. She also has excellent balance, allowing her to send messages via signal flags while standing on the mast.

Machiko is also skilled at close combat, making her one of the few girls like Kaede that can hold her own should the Harekaze be boarded by enemies. Along with other traits, this makes her popular among girls, especially Mimi to the point of infatuation.

Her favorite saying is "Stars in the sky, flowers on the Earth, and love for humans." She also tends to take a nap in the lull between battles.

History Edit

The crew of the Harekaze came to rely on Machiko for visual identification, given that the ship's electronics often get knocked out in fights with capital ships. Her precise spotting of threats like incoming torpedoes saved the ship one too many times.

Machiko was among the members of the raiding party that saved the Graf Spee and the Musashi from the virus. She wielded a pair of water guns filled with seawater, which negated the effects of the virus on the infected students for a while.