Kouko Nosa in a Pinch!? (納沙幸子もピンチ!? Romaji: "Nosa Kōko de Pinchi!?") is the second of a two-part OVA following the Haifuri main series.

The entire Harekaze class gets word of their supposed dissolution and launch a concerted effort to save it.

Summary Edit

That night, Kouko ponders on Wilhelmina's offer to transfer to Germany should the Harekaze class be dissolved. But she expresses doubt about serving under a class other than Akeno and the others.

The next day, she confides the alleged dissolution of the class to Mashiro, who reports it to Akeno. Despite Moeka hearing rumors about other ships scouting the Harekaze crew to complement theirs, she hasn't heard of any rumor regarding the dissolution. The three girls decide to take action as soon as their report is finished.

Meanwhile, Kouko joins Tsugumi and Megumi in the park to think of ways to bring the entire class together. Noticing an information panel describing the Battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese War, Kouko strangely proposes a "Togo turn" as a solution. She then elaborates that they should conduct a signature campaign to save the Harekaze from being scrapped, an allusion to the Togo turn enabling a fleet to bear its full firepower against the enemy. With enough signatures, the public can exert pressure on the school and force the latter to reconsider scrapping the ship.

They return to their classmates at the bowling alley, arcade, and cafe where they worry about the fate of their class. Some have expressed their desire to be transferred to capital ships like the Musashi, only to realize that they may be assigned to duties other than what they used to do aboard the Harekaze. Others are in doubt as to the effectiveness of the campaign. Bonding over a common goal, however, the crew helps out in gathering as many signatures as they can. That night, Wilhelmina and Thea also express their intent to help on behalf of the Admiral Graf Spee's crew. But Mashiro, unaware of the campaign when she only asked Kouko to gather the whole class, is in shock.

Three days before the sealed orders can be opened, the signature campaign begins to lose steam. Hours pass without a single signature from the general public. Fortunately, Moeka comes forward with a plan.

With the pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa as their backdrop, the Harekaze crew hold a Special Curry Fest on the day before the sealed orders can be opened. Despite a lack of attendance in the first several hours, the festival soon draws a large crowd with Akeno and Moeka's song number on stage. By evening, they've earned enough signatures for the campaign to take its effect. Some of the crew also reveal that they turned down the invitations from other ships to join their crews. Soon after, Akeno submits her report.

On the morning of the big day, the principal orders the class to open their envelopes. The entire crew, intact, is to be assigned to the training destroyer Okikaze (designation number Y-469). The principal gives the crew her assurance that the distinguished crew of the Harekaze will not be dissolved despite the loss of their original ship.

Aboard their new ship, the crew recognizes most of the equipment as the ones salvaged from the Harekaze, from the torpedo directors on the bridge down to Mikan's beloved rice cooker. The principal explained that the Okikaze was still in need of a refit, so parts from the Harekaze were used. As the new Harekaze prepares for its maiden voyage, the principal reprimands the crews of the ships that went headhunting for falsely spreading misinformation.

Passing by the old Harekaze, Akeno gives her beloved ship a salute one last time, her beloved classmates embarking on a new adventure together.

Trivia Edit

  • Both OVA titles are differentiated only by the question mark at the end.
  • Kouko mentions a Togo turn as a metaphor for turning the tide of a desperate situation. Later known as Crossing the T, the Togo turn helped the Japanese fleet win the decisive Battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese war. In this maneuver, the Japanese fleet made a U-turn and sailed toward the Russian fleet. The Japanese found themselves in a position to fire full broadside toward the incoming Russians, who can only fire their forward guns. Since then, Crossing the T has become a standard in naval tactics, which all but ended during the Battle of the Surigao Strait in 1944.
  • Behind the Harekaze's Curry Festival is the pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa, which was Admiral Togo's flagship during the Battle of Tsushima, serving as a museum ship.