Kouko Nosa in a Pinch! (納沙幸子がピンチ! Romaji: Kouko Nosa de Pinchi!) is the first episode of a two-part OVA following the Haifuri main series. The episode takes place a month after the Totalitarian Disease incident.

As Kouko goes out to distribute sealed orders to the crew of the Harekaze, she gets grim news of the entire class being dissolved due to the ship's irreparable state.

Summary Edit

One month after the Totalitarian Disease incident, various agencies have begun taking steps to mitigate the disease's risk. The crew of the Harekaze returned to normal school life, taking their midterm exams and taking a break from school. Also at one point during this period, the distinguished destroyer was re-floated.

Around Yokosuka Harbor, Wilhelmina talked to Kouko about rumors regarding the fate of the Harekaze's crew. With the ship not seaworthy at the moment, word of the crew getting reassigned to other ships was spreading.

-Fumei- High School Fleet (Haifuri) - OVA 01 -D12DEAD1-.mkv.0070

Kouko's copy of the sealed orders. The text reads: "Do not open until June 13, 9:00 a.m."

At the library, Akeno, Mashiro, and Moeka were busy making a written report regarding the incident. Unable to leave, Akeno asked Kouko to distribute sealed orders from the principal to the rest of the class. Each envelope had specific instructions to not be opened before June 13, 9:00 a.m., four days from this point. Kouko met with Tsugumi and Megumi outside the school and gave them their respective copies. The two girls offered to help Kouko with the delivery by asking the rest of the class as to their whereabouts.

They stopped by the arcade first where Sakura, Reo, Runa, and Sora were playing mahjong. In her curiosity, Runa almost tore the envelope open, prompting a shocked Kouko to remind her of the consequences. Before Kouko could ask about the rumors, Mikan arrived on the scene. Mikan and the Kinesaki twins had been working at a relative's sweets shop. They received their copies.

-Fumei- High School Fleet (Haifuri) - OVA 01 -D12DEAD1-.mkv.0144

Mimi, if you keep moving your camera while shooting pictures, all you're getting are blurred shots.

Kouko led Tsugumi and Megumi to their next stop, just near the harbor. They saw Machiko standing on top of a communications tower, with Hime, Momo, and Mimi by the park. Momo wondered what would happen to the Harekaze. Minutes later, Machiko notices a dry dock moving toward the refloated ship, to her horror.

At the harbor, Kaede watched the Harekaze enter the dry dock. Kouko and the girls met up with her and delivered her copy. Kaede revealed that her father had called for her return many times. They never found out why. The presence of a dry dock led the girls to conclude that the Harekaze may be scrapped.

The girls returned to the arcade after learning that Ritsuko and Kayoko were playing bowling, accompanied by Hikari, Michiru, and Junko who were playing darts. The girls soon became convinced of the Harekaze's fate, given the ominous signs from earlier, as well as the veracity of the rumor. Kouko decided to focus on completing her task. She split off to deliver the copies to the rest of the Navigation crew, while Megumi and Tsugumi headed to Mei and Tama in the hot springs. Along the way, Kouko gave Minami her copy.

-Fumei- High School Fleet (Haifuri) - OVA 01 -D12DEAD1-.mkv.0243

Mayumi and Rin run up to Kouko, crying after hearing about the headhunting.

Kouko met the Navigation crew--Satoko, Hideko, Mayumi, and Rin--at a restaurant. They learned about the alleged "headhunting" of captains of other ships to incorporate the Harekaze crew into their own. Maron and Kuroki were scouted by Sango, captain of the repair ship Akashi, while Mikan and the Kinesaki sisters got a visit from Yui, captain of the supply ship Mamiya. Also, the Navigation crew also got a visit from crew from the Hiei.

Kouko returned home, convinced that the envelopes contained transfer orders for the Harekaze crew. She found Wilhelmina watching gangster movies, having started already because Kouko took so long to get back. Kouko ran up to her crying about the grim news. The episode ends on Wilhelmina inviting Kouko to transfer to Wilhelmshaven High School in case, in case the supposed order was to be true.

Trivia Edit

  • In-video text revealed that the second part of the OVA would air on May 24.