Kouko Nosa
Nosa Kouko infobox
Kanji 納沙 幸子
Romaji Nosa Kōko
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 155 cm
Blood Type O
Birthdate 28 May
Biographical Information
Hobbies Reading
Watching movies
Photography with a tablet
Daily Routine Record in diary
Favourite Food Tofu
Disliked Food Nabe ryori
Favourite Subject World History
Weak Subject Art
Character Voice

Yuuko Kurose

Kouko Nosa is the secretary of the Harekaze and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Coco- chan.

Appearance Edit

While often seen in her school uniform, Kouko is almost never without her sweater and white bonnet similar to how Mei is often seen with her tiger hoodie on. She has brown hair with a pair of braids by her ears. A pair of pink ribbons can be seen near the ends of these braids.


The world of fiction fascinates Kouko more than that of reality, which is why she often acts out her imagination of certain situations. She also loves to get into character, especially in Japanese gangster movies. She shares such an interest with Wilhelmina, and the two become friends.

History Edit

As secretary of the Harekaze, Kouko is third in command, just behind Akeno and Mashiro. She also gathers intel on anything relating to the Harekaze's situation such as its opponent and the environment it's fighting on.

She became friends with Wilhelmina after sharing an interest on Japanese gangster films. But after the Graf Spee was saved from the virus, Wilhelmina rejoined her classmates and left for Seeadler. While initially saddened by this, Kouko bid Wilhelmina goodbye, being assured that the latter would go on a trip to see each other again.

It wasn't long before they saw each other during Operation: Perseus. The Graf Spee participated in the operation to save the Musashi.