Kaede Marikouji
Marikouji Kaede infobox
Kanji 万里小路 楓
Romaji Marikōji Kaede
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Blood Type A
Hair Color Purple
Birthdate March 3
Biographical Information
Hobbies Playing musical instrument
Daily Routine Play the violin
Favourite Food Kishimen
Disliked Food Soumen
Favourite Subject Music
Weak Subject None
Origin Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Character Voice

Sakura Nakamura

Kaede Marikouji is the Harekaze's sonar operator and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. She has been titled "Chō ojōsama" or "Super princess," probably for her close combat skills. Some in the crew call her Mariko.

Her favorite saying is: “Woe to the musician who doesn’t travel.”

Appearance Edit

Kaede has purple hair, with one lock tied in a teardrop shape on her left side. The color of her eyes is a slow gradient from yellow to brown. She can be seen wearing her school uniform but also wears a brown shoal over it.

When swimming, she prefers to wear her yellow two-piece bikini over the standard one-piece swimsuit.


Coming from an affluent family, Kaede has the polite and calm demeanor of a fine lady. She strives to maintain her beauty all the time.

When she's not busy hunting for unwanted contacts underwater, she wields a wooden naginata and the skill to go along with it. This makes her one of the few people on the Harekaze who can hold her own in a fight.