Kaede Marikouji is the Harekaze's sonar operator and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. She has been titled "Chō ojōsama" or "Super princess," probably for her close combat skills. Some in the crew call her Mariko.

Her favorite saying is: “Woe to the musician who doesn’t travel.”

Appearance Edit

Kaede has purple hair, with one lock tied in a teardrop shape on her left side. The color of her eyes is a slow gradient from yellow to brown. She can be seen wearing her school uniform but also wears a brown shoal over it.

When swimming, she prefers to wear her yellow two-piece bikini over the standard one-piece swimsuit.


Coming from an affluent family, Kaede has the polite and calm demeanor of a fine lady. She strives to maintain her beauty all the time and deems hair as one of the most important aspect of a woman

When she's not busy hunting for unwanted contacts underwater, she wields a wooden naginata and the skill to go along with it. This makes her one of the few people on the Harekaze who can hold her own in a fight.

In Game Card ArtEdit

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