In a Stormy Pinch! (嵐でピンチ! Romaji: "Arashi de Pinchi!") is the seventh episode of Hai-Furi.

As the Harekaze continues the search for the Musashi, the crew receives a distress call from the Shinbashi, a shopping vessel that ran aground nearby.

Episode Summary Edit

Calm Before the Storm Edit

Due to a leak in the water tank, the crew of the Harekaze was forced to conserve water until it could rendezvous with a supply ship in five days. This meant drinking ramune in place of tap water or taking a bath and doing laundry using seawater, much to their worries.


Probably should've waited for the water tank to be fixed.

The ship entered a fog, where the crew struck freshwater as it rained. They collected as much water as they could with as many containers they could find. But their efforts went to waste as the fog eventually evolved into a storm.

Astraphobia? Edit

The storm came with occasional lightning strikes, which scared Akeno. Unable to take the lightning, she hurried to Mashiro's room and asked if someone could take over for her. Kouko, who was in the middle of watching Japanese gangster movies with Wilhelmina, agreed and left (while maintaining a gangster character). Akeno revealed that she isn't scared of lightning, per se, but it makes her remember one fateful day.

Haifuri - 07 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0055

A young Akeno being told to jump by her parents, only to hesitate at such a crucial time.

Several years ago, a cruise ship carrying a young Akeno and her family ran aground and was sinking. Her parents told her to jump into the water, only for her to hesitate as she couldn't leave without them. A sudden, violent twitch of the ship tossed them into the water. She regained consciousness on a lifeboat with several other survivors, but her parents weren't among them.

To this day, she regretted not having jumped sooner, which may have saved her parents.

History Repeats Itself Edit

Just then, the Harekaze received a distress call from the Shinbashi, a shopping vessel carrying 552 passengers and crew. The ship ran aground 13 miles southeast of Falalop Island and was tilting port side. After reporting the situation to Blue Mermaids headquarters and the school, the Harekaze rushed to the scene, doing everything its crew could.

Akeno volunteered to lead the rescue effort, but hesitated after recalling Mashiro's anger for leaving her post. Instead, Mashiro begrudgingly volunteered to lead the rescue along with Wilhelmina. Later, the Harekaze pulled alongside the Shinbashi to recover the passengers and provide relief.

Haifuri - 07 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0100

Not only was Mashiro trapped, she was trapped with an animal she grew to fear.

As soon as the rescue team were just about done, a couple informed Mashiro that a certain Tamonmaru was missing. She and Wilhelmina hurried to the restaurant district, which was the only area of the ship not yet searched. When Mashiro found Tamonmaru, however, her heart sank as he didn't turn out to be a young child but a kitten. With the water pouring in, Mashiro grabbed Tamonmaru and looked for their own escape route.

Meanwhile, the rescue team managed to recover Wilhelmina but was forced to withdraw without Mashiro as the Shinbashi buckled in half and began sinking. Suddenly, the air above them was filled with the distinct roar of a Blue Mermaids drone.

Fortune Favors the Fearless Edit

A Blue Mermaids Rapid Response Security team arrived at the scene to relieve the Harekaze. Standing on the hull of the Shinbashi, they began searching for the slightest noise of Mashiro making her way out. They did when Mashiro hit her flashlight in anger after it ran out of juice. The Blue Mermaids cut a hole in the hull and pulled her out.

Haifuri - 07 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0124

Akeno cries after helplessly waiting for Mashiro to return.

Mashiro turned over Tamonmaru to the couple, only for the kitten to jump back to her instead. Seeing that the kitten was grateful to her, the couple asked her if she could adopt Tamonmaru. Meanwhile, Minami asked the Blue Mermaids to deliver the rodent and her antibody report to the school.

Back at the Harekaze, Akeno revealed her misgivings these past few days, how her childhood friend was trapped in the Musashi and where she learned that "comrades at sea are all family." With the antivirus finally ready, the girls prepared for their long-awaited counterattack.

Before that, however, they had to go through another fog once more...and one more hurdle.

Trivia Edit

  • Ramune is a carbonated soft drink popular in Japan. Imperial Japanese Navy warships would carry enough stocks of ramune for their crew, which led to its popularity among the general populace.
  • Falalop is an island within Ulithi Atoll.