In a Pinch with a Battleship's Big Cannon! (大艦巨砲でピンチ! Romaji: "Daikankyohō de Pinchi!") is the eleventh episode of Hai-Furi.

After days of repairing, resupplying, and retrofitting, the Harekaze joins the hunt for the Musashi in the Blue Mermaids-led Operation: Perseus, in what may be the ship's finest hour.

Episode Summary Edit

Just before leaving for Operation: Perseus, Akeno expressed her reservations to Mashiro. Having bonded with the class for so long, Akeno feared losing even one of them in battle.

Turnabout Battleship Edit

Blue Mermaids Central Command was caught by surprise as the it saw the Musashi heading for the mainland, by way of the Uraga Channel. This body of water connected the Tokyo Bay area with the open waters. Intrusion by the Musashi into the bay would put the entire area in jeopardy, including Yokosuka.

Haifuri - 11 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0021

An overview of the current situation. The Musashi (in red) is sailing south of the Izu Peninsula. Only the Harekaze and Hiraga's reserve fleet can make the intercept on time.

The majority of the Blue Mermaids' strength was concentrated east of the Philippines, believing the Musashi would go there. Only Inspector Hiraga's reserve fleet, TU01, could make the intercept. Meanwhile, the Harekaze--bristling with new upgrades--raced to the scene with orders to monitor the Musashi.

Just Lucky Edit

Several hours later, the Harekaze sighted the Musashi, which opened fire full broadside. The firing command post suggested returning fire while running in a zigzag, but Akeno lost her composure and couldn't reply.

Soon, TU01 arrived and engaged the Musashi. The ships scored multiple torpedo hits on the Musashi's starboard, as well as destroyed one of its starboard secondary batteries, but the battleship pressed on the attack. A second torpedo attack was launched but suffered from guidance failure. The Musashi now had the upper hand and began picking off the Blue Mermaids, ship after ship. A desperate plan to blind the bridge with drones were shot to ribbons by the battleship's anti-aircraft barrage.

Haifuri - 11 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0051

Hiraga's reserve fleet of four modified Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships in tactical formation.

In the midst of the battle, Mashiro dragged Akeno to her room to see what was wrong. The entire ship soon heard Akeno's misgivings of putting her classmates in peril. She believed that the reason for their recent successes was that things went in their favor, not through skill.

The Survivors' Plight Edit

Unknown to most, not all of the Musashi's crew were infected. Moeka and three others managed to shut themselves behind the bridge, doing what they could to prevent the ship from harming others.

It had been a month since the incident made headlines for the school and the Blue Mermaids. As the Musashi approached the Nishinoshima New Islands, its forward main gun suddenly turned and opened fire on a freighter. Moeka tried contacting the firing command post but received no response. She headed down the ship, only to find a fellow student running for her life. Behind her, the red glowing eyes of her classmates loomed, giving chase.

Using a battery-powered radio, Moeka sent a distress call as the Musashi sailed near Asuncion Island, which Akeno responded with a one-man rescue but failed.

Rallying Call Edit

Haifuri - 11 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0122

When you want to tell your friend that you'll be by her side, just tell her that you'll be her "mayonnaise."

The sirens echoed across the Tokyo Bay area in anticipation of the Musashi's arrival. Meanwhile, Principal Munetani informed the Disaster Management Committee that she has declared a state of emergency at the school and would be "taking the bridge." The committee has no choice but to let the famed "Tomoe Guzen of Kurushima" handle things.

Back at the Harekaze, Maron stormed into the room, asking fellow engineering staff Reo Wakasa to bring Akeno to the bridge and dragging Mashiro to the engine room. Using the peculiar example of tuna sashimi with mayonnaise, Maron basically told Mashiro to make up for Akeno's weaknesses, just as Akeno should make up for Mashiro's.

Having mustered the courage, Mashiro told Akeno that she would be her "mayonnaise," being by her side through the roughest seas. The crew soon rallied to their beloved captain, who took the helm once more for what would become the Harekaze's finest hour.

Trivia Edit

  • Tomoe Guzen was a female samurai warrior who fought in countless feudal wars who, according to some historical accounts, beheaded many enemies including officers. The Tale of the Heike, well-known as the Japanese Iliad, described her as a beautiful woman with enough ferocity in the battlefield to confront a demon or a god.
  • Principal Munetani was likened to Tomoe Guzen after singlehandedly defeating an armored fleet with a single ship fifteen years ago. Tomoe Guzen often fought her battles outnumbered but survived to return with heads of enemy warriors and fight another day.
  • In the Haifuri Reddit page, the four ships that comprised Hiraga's reserve force were identified as the Mikura (designation number BPF-14), Miyake (designation number BPF-15), Kouzu (designation number BPF-16), and Hachijou (designation number BPF-17). The Mikura is Inspector Hiraga's command ship.
  • The suggestion to run in a zigzag is a naval tactic commonly used to deter enemy submarines. However, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Captain Ernest Evans of the destroyer USS Johnston ordered the ship to chase splashes caused by Japanese shells hitting the water, making it move in a zigzag . Gambling that the enemy ships won't fire on the same spot twice, the maneuver allowed the Johnston to get close and wreak havoc on the enemy fleet.