In a Pinch in Pajamas! (パジャマでピンチ! Romaji: "Pajama de Pinchi!") is the third episode of Hai-Furi.

The crew of the Harekaze was awakened to the presence of a submarine stalking her. Only through an unlikely ally's help did they manage to survive once again.

Episode Summary Edit

Principal Munetani received a message from the Maritime Safety Support Department (MSSD), stating their intention to seize all of the school's training vessels and sinking any ships at sea that showed resistance if the incident isn't resolved.

At this point, the school has lost contact with seven training vessels, including the Musashi and Harekaze. This urged her to seek all available means to ensure the safety of her students--and with haste.

A Captain's Dilemma Edit

Faced between the need to return to school and the need to answer the Musashi's pleas for help, Akeno urged the latter. Mashiro angrily disagreed, given that the Harekaze was in no condition to fight another mismatched battle, much less with a Yamato-class battleship.

Worse, signals intelligence officer Tsugumi Yagi intercepted an area-wide message from the MSSD that prohibited the Harekaze from stopping at any port. This finally convinced Akeno to return to Yokosuka. But as she retired for the night, the thought of Moeka in dire straits continued to trouble her.

Haifuri - 03 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0055

Sonar operator Kaede Marikouji, on the lookout for contacts underwater.

Hide-and-Seek Edit

Akeno was awakened to the alert of a strange noise underwater, as reported by sonar operator Kaede Marikouji. It was later identified as I-201 (designation number H-6201), an I-201-class submarine from Toumai High School, a marine school for boys. The Harekaze tried communicating with Morse code via active sonar, but the submarine saw it as hostile.

The I-201 fired the opening shot with a pair of torpedoes, which missed and exploded off the Harekaze's stern. The battle eventually became a game of hide-and-seek, with more than an hour passing without either side scoring any hits.

An Unlikely Ally Edit

The explosion from another torpedo attack rocked the ship and awakened the boat's pilot, Graf Spee's deputy-captain Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg. Angrily, she hurried to the bridge, demanding to see the captain of "a collection of amateurs." She pointed out the Harekaze crew's mistake of leaving their lights on in nighttime warfare, which Akeno ordered all lights out.

Haifuri - 03 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0088

A frustrated Wilhelmina cringes at the fact that the Harekaze is ill-equipped for anti-submarine warfare.

Despite her suggestions in taking out submarines, Wilhelmina is frustrated to know that the Harekaze has no anti-sub weapons other than a single depth charge. Asked when the Harekaze has anything that moves underwater, Akeno got the idea of using a paravane.

The paravane was released into the water and loitered until it hit the I-201's superstructure. After which, the I-201 launched a full salvo of four torpedoes at the Harekaze but were intercepted by artillery fire.

The submarine began its dive, but Noma saw its periscope before it could slip beneath the waves. Immediately, Mei gave the order to drop the depth charge. The paravane's wire fouled up one of the submarine's propellers, while the depth charge detonated just high enough to force it to surface. Soon, the Harekaze made its getaway before a Toumai instructor ship could get to the scene.

Conspiracy Edit

Haifuri - 03 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0133

Mashiro's new roomie astounded at just how much she loves plushies.

Akeno returned to the sick bay to thank Wilhelmina for her guidance in the battle. She also took this time to ask what happened on the Admiral Graf Spee.

The students of Wilhelmshaven High School aboard the Graf Spee were scheduled to participate in the training exercises. However, the ship suffered electronic malfunction along the way. When Wilhelmina went to investigate, the crew suddenly stopped obeying orders and turned hostile. Wilhelmina vowed to return to the Graf Spee and save her crew.

Later, the Harekaze received uplifting news. Principal Munetani ordered all vessels back to school and forbade any from engaging in combat, saying that she won't abandon her students. Wilhelmina moved into Mashiro's room, the only one with a spare bed, and saw the latter's collection of plush toys.

Trivia Edit

  • Mashiro's shark plush is an actual item for sale at some IKEA branches.
  • The concept of paravanes used as anti-submarine weapons dates back as early as the First World War, but not exactly as the episode demonstrates. It involves attaching an explosive charge onto a paravane and releasing it into the water, gliding until it makes contact with an enemy submarine.