In a Pinch During the Pursuit! (追撃されてピンチ!Romaji: "Tsuigekisarete Pinchi!") is the second episode of Hai-Furi.

After the sudden skirmish with the Sarushima, a damaged Harekaze found itself in a new battle with the Admiral Graf Spee, a Deutschland-class battlecruiser.

Episode Summary Edit

News of the Harekaze's mutiny had reached the school and its principal, Mayuki Munetani. She expressed disbelief in the fact that one of her student ships fired on an instructor ship. As news of the incident spread across all channels, the crew of the Harekaze definitely found itself in a pinch of their lives.

The Maritime Era Edit

The clock rewinds to a young Mashiro taking a walk with her family up the Suwa Grand Shrine. Mashimo, one of Mashiro's elder sisters and a student of Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School at the time, recalled the history of Japan's spiral to a maritime environment.

Haifuri - 02 (1280x720 HEVC AAC).mkv.0033

The Munetani family enjoys the bird's-eye-view of Nagano from a hill behind the Suwa Grand Shrine. From left to right: Mafuyu, Mashimo, Mashiro, and their mother Mayuki.

Following the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, Japan became dependent on methane hydrate mining. The long-term effects saw the country lose a huge chunk of its landmass, forcing the creation of floating cities such as Yokosuka. To safeguard these floating settlements, as well as sea lanes around the world, women began manning military ships for civilian functions. Thus, the Blue Mermaids was established.

Before her daughters, Mayuki expressed her intent on becoming an instructor to train the next generation of Blue Mermaids. The young Mashiro expressed her desire to follow the long line of Munetani women serving as Blue Mermaids. Mayuki gives Mashiro her hat as a sign of her confidence in the future, only for the hat to be blown away by a sudden gust. This convinced Mashiro, even in the present era, that this became the start of her strings of misfortune.

A New Opponent Appears Edit

Akeno went around the Harekaze to supervise the repairs on the ship, but she was recalled to the bridge to discuss their next move. They decided to return to Yokosuka to explain themselves and clear their names.


NOT helping, Coco.

As the crew was about to sit down for lunch, the lookout Machiko Noma, detected an approaching ship, later identified as the Admiral Graf Spee, a Deutschland-class battlecruiser. Using her advantage in speed and maneuverability, the Harekaze led the Graf Spee in circles under the cover of a smokescreen to lose the latter.

As the Harekaze took a direct hit at her Number Three battery, Noma spotted a small boat escaping from the Graf Spee. However, it was obliterated by one of the ship's 15 cm secondary guns. Realizing a comrade at sea in danger, Akeno hurried to the skipper to save the boat's pilot.

Meanwhile, Mashiro ordered to close within 3,000 meters to hit the Graf Spee's screw shaft. The Harekaze scored a hit on the Graf Spee and safely recovered Akeno and the pilot.

Foreboding Edit

Haifuri - 02 (1280x720 HEVC AAC).mkv.0112

Akeno checks for the boat pilot's pulse. To her relief, she will live.

The Harekaze escaped yet another mismatched battle and into open waters once more. Akeno watched over their sleeping guest, steadily recovering. But she was recalled to the bridge once more after Mashiro received a distress call from the Musashi, specifically from its captain Moeka. The ship was in some sort of trouble northwest of Asuncion Island.

Moeka desperately pleaded for help at once.

Trivia Edit

  • Minami's quote, "The wise are not doubtful, the compassionate are not distressed, the courageous are not fearful," is an excerpt from The Analects of Confucius.
  • English subs seem to say that Akeno is asking for a screw shot. However, some fans pointed out that this may be a translation error, as she actually asked to take out the Graf Spee's screw shaft.