In a Mined Pinch! (機雷でピンチ! Romaji: "Kirai de Pinchi!") is the sixth episode of Hai-Furi.

Following the failed attempt to secure the Musashi, more of Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School's ships "mutiny," as well. Meanwhile, a dejected Akeno returns to the Harekaze, sorry for letting her selfishness blind her.

Episode Summary Edit

It has been one bad news after another for Principal Munetani since the start of the incident. Not only has all sixteen ships of the Toumai battle group been crippled, the school has also lost contact with the Kongou-class battleship Hiei, the Takao-class heavy cruiser Chokai, and several more vessels.

A later meeting by executives of the Disaster Management Committee found out that the only ships capable to withstand the Musashi to a gun, Kure's Yamato and Maizuru's Shinano wouldn't be ready for many months. On top of that, Sasebo's Kii was on a voyage on the other side of the world.

Haifuri - 06 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0020

The Musashi makes its getaway after crippling the entire Toumai battle group.

Meanwhile, Akeno gave up chasing the Musashi and returned to the Harekaze. Mashiro's words earlier began setting in, making her doubt about her abilities as captain.

Kuroki Speaks Out Edit

Rin and Wilhelmina accompanied Akeno to the bath, despite being the Engineering Department's time. The assistant engineer, Kuroki Hiromi, who has been silently distrustful of Akeno from the start, berated her for the mad stunt. Chief engineer Maron Yanagiwara, seeing a drenched Akeno, pulled her in along with Rin and Wilhelmina, stating that her case was an emergency.

Even after the bath, Kuroki continued hounding Akeno, telling her that safety of her own crew comes first. Wilhelmina assured Akeno that the Musashi's captain may be trying her best to protect the ship and everyone around it.

The Truth of the Matter Edit

That night, Tsugumi reported of a strange electronic anomaly within the ship, rendering the Harekaze blind. With Akeno and several others, they traced the source to the sick bay where they saw Minami dissecting the rodent. One more rodent appeared, but Isoroku managed to capture it.

Sweet mother of

SWEET MOTHER OF--oh, it's just Minami doing science.

As the Harekaze's electronics went back online after the rodent's capture, the mystery began to unfurl. Minami explained that the rodent has a genetic structure slightly different from a rat and carries an unknown virus, which she detected in Tama's blood earlier.

Suddenly, the Harekaze shuddered as an old contact mine exploded off her starboard bow.

Minesweeper Edit

A thick mist surrounded the Harekaze, which sailed right into mined waters. In the early 20th century, countries around the world protected their sea lanes and interests with moored mines, contact mines, and underwater mines. The creation of the Blue Mermaids entailed transcending political boundaries to protect these lanes.

Haifuri - 06 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv.0116

Kayoko inside a safety device after the explosion triggered it.

The crew devised a plan to get rid of the mines using a paravane system with cutting wires. Kayoko and Ritsuko rode on a skipper towing the system to cut the submerged mines and force them up, giving Mei and Tama a clear shot at them with the anti-air guns.

The cutting went smoothly until the skipper hit an underwater mine. Despite Mashiro's advice not to venture out into danger again, Akeno left with Rin to rescue the two.

After the successful rescue, the crew held a German food fest. However, most of the food prepared were far off from Wilhelmina's expectations, save for the steamed potato and eintopf made by the Kinesaki twins.

Post-Credits Edit


The fate of the mutinied ships rests on the success of this clinical trial.

In the sick bay, Minami succeeded in creating an antibody for the virus but needed to be tested first. It seemed as if Minami had chosen Hime to be her test subject, seeing as she was being restrained by Momo. Instead, the good doctor injected the antibody on herself, telling the two to stop her should something happen.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of two episodes (the other being Mina in a Pinch!) with post-credit scenes.
  • Some information about the German dishes presented at the food fest:
    • While eisbein and schweinshaxe both use ham hocks, eisbein is normally pickled and boiled whereas schweinshaxe is roasted.
    • Sauerkraut involves allowing lactic acid bacteria growing on the cabbage leaves to ferment the cabbage for several months, as opposed to adding pickling agents like vinegar and brine.
    • Although the term "schnitzel" means "cutlet" in German, schnitzel is usually made with veal whereas a cutlet is made with any kind of meat. Also, schnitzel is somewhat bigger than a normal cutlet.
    • Frikadeller is a dish of minced meat, rolled into a ball and slightly flattened. Its appearance somewhat resembles a hamburger but a lot smaller. The hamburger's origins can be traced in the United States, where merchants brought cows from Hamburg to be made into the patties known and loved today.
    • Eintopf can either refer to a stew of just about every conceivable ingredient or the manner of cooking as such.
  • Shinano was originally conceived as the third Yamato-class battleship. Due to evolving naval tactics centering around the aircraft carrier and the loss of four fleet carriers during Midway, she was converted as carrier. She was sunk days after being commissioned, due to rushed construction and severe flaws.
  • The episode also mentioned the battleship Kii out on open waters. The Kii-class was cancelled following the ratification of the Washington Naval Treaty in 1922.
  • One of the Principal Munetani's staff mentioned the ship Akagi. While popularly known as an aircraft carrier, prior to the Washington Naval Treaty it was laid down as an Amagi-class battlecruiser. Construction was never finished following the treaty.