Kuroki Hiromi is the assistant engineer aboard the Harekaze and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi. At 169 cm., Kuroki is the tallest (and perhaps most mature-looking) student in the class.

Appearance Edit

Like most crew members, Kuroki can be seen in her school uniform. She has dark brown hair to match her eyes, which has a slight gradient of orange and brown.


Kuroki and chief engineer Maron Yanagiwara go way back as early as middle school. Maron was glad to be on the same ship as Kuroki, but since then the latter had a lot of admiration for deputy-captain Mashiro Munetani. Perhaps this is because of her background as a Munetani, of which its women served in the Blue Mermaids for generations.

As a result of her overwhelming favor for Mashiro, Kuroki has grown to doubt--even mock--captain Akeno Misaki, believing that Mashiro would've made a better captain. Over the course of the adventure, however, she came to respect Akeno for getting them far.

Kuroki isn't afraid to express her opinions and can be blunt at times, like she did with Akeno after the first encounter with the Musashi. But she also knows how to show restraint when it applies. She's also skilled in sumo wrestling, having participated in a local tournament before.

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