The Admiral Graf Spee is a Deutschland-class battlecruiser, also known as a pocket battleship, from Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School. Thea Kreutzer currently commands the ship, with Wilhelmina Friedeburg serving as deputy-captain.

Description Edit

The Admiral Graf Spee combines the firepower of a battleship with the speed and maneuverability of a cruiser, making it a deadly foe in the high seas. At almost 29 knots, the Graf Spee is one of few ships that can match the Harekaze's speed (Harekaze's top speed ouldn't sustain for too long due to engine trouble).

The ship, however, suffers from a design flaw. An exposed fuel pipe amidships supplies the day boiler with heated oil from the donkey boiler. A well-placed hit, even by the Harekaze's main battery, can sever this lifeline and render the Graf Spee dead in the water.

Like the training vessels in Hai-Furi, the systems aboard the ship are automated, allowing a skeleton crew to operate it effectively.

History Edit

The Graf Spee was chosen as Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School's representative in maritime exercises with Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School this year. En route to the rendezvous point, however, the crew had suddenly gone rogue, save for Wilhelmina and Thea.

During the battle with the Harekaze, Wilhelmina fled on a fast craft to escape the Graf Spee, now taken over by the virus. After being blown out of the water, she was rescued by Akeno. A hit at the Graf Spee's screw shaft forced it to slow down, giving time for the Harekaze to escape.

After an antibody for the virus had been created, the Harekaze began its counterattack, starting with the Graf Spee. It maintained its course during the entire match despite incoming torpedos from the Harekaze to prevent the destroyer from getting a clear shot at its weak point. Nevertheless, the Harekaze drew fire from the Graf Spee, allowing a raiding party to board the ship undetected. Eventually, all the crew members were cured. Wilhelmina returned to the Graf Spee, which left for Seeadler Harbor for repairs and resupply.

The Graf Spee returned as part of a battle group led by Instructor Furushou during the final battle with the battleship Musashi, which included the battleship Hiei, destroyers Maikaze and Hamakaze, and the Littoral Combat Ship Tenjin. It drew the Musashi's fire, allowing the Harekaze to get into position to save the Musashi's crew.

Trivia Edit

  • The ship is named after Maximilian Reichsgraf von Spee, commander of the German East Asia Squadron during World War I.
  • The Baltic Sea camouflage that the Graf Spee has did not appear on her historical counterpart, rather it was used on other Kriegsmarine ships like the Prinze Eugen and Bismarck had in 1941.